It’s all about the detail

A wise man once told me when creating an immersive user experience ‘the devil is in the detail’. This is pretty much the same as the 80:20 rule ; to achieve the first 80% of the user experience takes 20% of the effort, to raise the bar further and achieve the final 20% takes 80% of the effort. This means it’s quite easy to make something OK, but it’s really difficult to create something with finesse.

Anyhow, the whole point of this rather rambling post is that I spotted a great example of attention to detail on my mac this morning…

I was surfing through the office network this morning looking for file, and noticed that in MacOS PC’s are represented with an icon like this MacOS PC icon

and Mac’s are represented with an icon like this PC icon

Feeling inquisitive I thought I’d check out the PC icon in further detail and opened it up in cover-flow. Check out the text on the PC icon (click for bigger image) – it’s the blue screen of death! Nice detail people!

Blue screen of death icon

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