Deleting VPS’s & Billing

We noticed a few people opened tickets asking that if they deleted and re-created their VPS if they would get charged again.

The short answer is “NO”

VPS.NET works in a very different way than other providers, we do not charge for VPS’s … we charge for “Nodes”


Nodes are a “bundle” of resources from the VPS cloud, and they are Geo-Independent, you are free to use them on the UK and the US cloud, they are the available Ram, HD, Bandwidth that you can assign you VPS.

Now when you delete your VPS, your nodes simply go back to your “Resource Pool”, free to be used on your next VPS’s .. so as long as you dont delete/add more nodes, no billing operations are in place.

This is what (we think) makes VPS.NET so great, with other providers you purchase 1 VPS with fixes resources, with us, you purchase resources and are then free to create VPS’s with them as you see fit, by utilizing the node calculation structure.


We hope this made it a little bit clearer, and feel free to post any questions you might have on this forum thread.

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