Storage Upgrades, HostBill and everything else that happened this week!

I’m not sure how, but apparently it’s that time again! Time flies when you’re having fun. Lets wrap up the week with a round up of everything that happened here in the VPS.NET this week.

Before we even talk about VPS.NET though, lets talk about the big tech news that happened this week. Gizmodo was able to get their hands on the next generation of the iPhone, after a developer left it at a bar! Nick and I were discussing this as it happened, and we both decided we definitely do not want to be in that developers shoes, especially knowing how Steve Jobs is. There are however some people claiming that Apple intentionally “lost” the iPhone at the bar in order to get the hype machine rolling. With the amount of press coverage this received, I do believe this puts the iPhone on the same level as Angelina Jolie, Madonna & Tiger Woods.

The big news here at VPS.NET is the ability to upgrade your nodes without having to upgrade your storage, which means that you won’t need to rebuild the disk for your Cloud VPS, the most time consuming part of the process. 30 second upgrade. Instead this allows you to schedule any storage upgrades to take place at the most convenient time for you or until you need it to be done. Once the upgrade goes through, you’ll only need to reboot your VPS. One of the key things this does is it makes us much more competitive with dedicated server providers. We’re already able to offer a significant amount of CPU Power, RAM, Bandwidth and Disk Space, but now you’re able to start out small, and continue to build up as your company does, without having the down time of manual hardware swaps.

The other news which I hope you all have already taken advantage of, is the ability to get a free HostBill license. HostBill is a complete web hosting management system, which I went over in full detail here. If you haven’t taken advantage of it yet, I encourage you to do so at www.hostbillapp.com/vps.net/.

Besides bringing out some new software updates and services for you, the guys over in the London datacenter were able to get a new FusionIO cloud up for use. We highly recommend anyone with a MySQL driven site to offload their databases onto a FusionIO node, and experience ridiculously fast website loading times. FusionIO is based on high speed solid state drives, and makes read/write times blazing fast. FusionIO nodes are available in London and Atlanta now, and are $50 for every 2 Gigabytes of Storage Space.

I also wanted to point everyone out to an awesome site we advertise on, WebResourcesDepot, which offers free tips and tricks for webmasters. They have a pretty cool post up right now about making your AJAX content crawlable by web spiders. Highly recommend everyone check it out, especially for those of you where your search engine position is important (and I think that might be all of us).

Anyhow, I’m off for the week. More than likely I’m going to be spending a lot of time doing this (yes that is me!).

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