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There are a lot of great, intelligent people involved in the VPS.NET community. We get the pleasure of communicating with many of them on a daily basis, but that doesn’t given them the exposure they deserve, which is why we’ve decided to open up the VPS.NET blog to guest bloggers.

If you’re someone who enjoys writing and is an expert at one of the many topics enjoyed by the over 50,000 unique visitors to the VPS.NET website, we’d love to showcase your talents.

What kind of topics do our visitors enjoy? Almost anything technology related! Whether it be geek gear, social media, search engine marketing, or design related topics, many of our readers have expressed interest in it. With that said, our readers also enjoy many non-technology related topics. One might say we’re sophisticated people with diverse interest sets.

To get started writing for VPS.NET, simply send an email to our blog coordinator at We’ll then be able to nail down a specific topic and publishing date for you. Our guest blogging is extremely flexible; we’re able to run a series of posts, or we can run single one-off posts. If you’re a startup launching a new product, we’d be excited to help add to the buzz that you deserve!

So what are you waiting for? Join the ranks of previous guest bloggers, Doug and Michelle, who have used their writing talents to market their services to an entirely new group of interested readers.

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