Who is your favorite robot?

All around the world, no matter where we go, the VPS.NET robot is always in the highest demand. It's friendly, squeezable and cute. And luckily, we just got a box full of new ones to give away to you!

We're going to give away a VPS.NET "swag" kit consisting of a robot, a mug, and THREE pens! All that you need to do is comment with who your favorite robot is. If you include a video, you get DOUBLE ENTRY to the drawing. We'll be drawing 3 winners Tuesday, May 15th, so get those entries in!

My favorite robot easily is Johnny 5, from the Short Circuit films. The dumb luck way he came to life, his never ending need for input, and really, how can resist a robot with these kind of dance moves?

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19 thoughts on “Who is your favorite robot?

  1. I vote Marvin the Paranoid Android. He is 50,000 times more intelligent than a human. Marvin in no way influenced my vote.

  2. definitely agree, fave robot ever has to be Johnny 5

    He’s alive!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Id have to say Johnny5 which you have used in the blog post. I remember watching this a young kid over and over again, despite the fact that it made me cry almost everytime. I love the way you thought that Johnny5 had been killed by the evil people and then suddenly he comes flying out the back of the lorry Johnny5 is alive!

    I was fortunate enough to pick both the Short Circuit DVD’s in a bargain bin a few years ago for £2 each. A small price to relive some of my childhood.

  4. A vote for the little guys, literally… the Skutters from Red Dwarf. More attitude per square inch than most (they’re only 24 inches tall after all) – and all that with only one arm! ;)

    Under-represented on YouTube, and arguably the non-animated version was better, but alas the only video I could find: