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We’re excited to be able to announce that we’ll be holding our first webinar next week to show off our new Hosted Apps product. Even better, we’re able to do the webinar together with our friends at Standing Cloud.

The webinar, titled “Ease the Burden of Application Deployment: Hosted Apps on VPS.NET and Standing Cloud“, will show you many of the ways you can make deploying applications an absolute breeze. We’ve scheduled two times for the webinar; the first, Wednesday, May 30th at 10 AM EDT (GMT -5) and the second, Wednesday, June 6th at 12 PM EDT. You’re able to register for the webinars at

By using the Hosted Apps at VPS.NET, you’re able to easily deploy applications in just a few minutes. Not only does this make the deployment of applications easier and faster, but they also continue to save you time in the long run, as the applications are automatically updated.

Standing Cloud, which provides the software making it possible to do the turnkey application deployment, has an extravagant and thorough application marketplace. Once inside the market place, you’re able to choose from over 100 different applications, made to solve a wide variety of problems. Some of the most commonly deployed applications include Drupal, MoveableType & WordPress. There are many other applications available in the Standing Cloud market place, aimed at making life easier for the small businesses out there.

  • OpenHRM – A popular human resources management tool, which includes an employee self service module.
  • Magento – A full featured eCommerce software, that allows you to be able to setup an online business in just a few minutes.
  • OpenX – An ad server solution that allows website owners the capability to easily sell advertising opportunities on their site.
  • SugarCRM – A customer relations management tool, making sales and marketing campaigns much easier to organize and track the success rates of.

All of these applications and many more can be automatically installed using the VPS.NET Hosted Apps option. You’re able to strategically place your server closest to you or your customers, choosing between either a US or UK VPS.NET Cloud Server.

We’re really excited about this webinar, and we happy to be able to show you several different ways the Hosted Apps can make your life easier. Registration and attendance of the webinar is totally free.

We hope to see you there!

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