Whats new in the control panel?

We’ve made a few little tweaks to our control panel recently so here is a quick 3 minute tour of our new tweaks.

New Quick Links

We’ve put in some new quick action buttons at the top of the control panel to allow people to easily access the most popular options people use in the control panel. Click and go!

New Instant VPS

With our instant VPS, the system will give you a choice of location you want a new 4 node VPS and deploy it with CentOS. Two clicks and you’re away.

Search your VPS

If you find managing a large number of VPS a bit tricky you might like our new search box that allows you to find the VPS you are a looking for quickly and easily. Just enter part of the hostname or label and you are good to go.


If you have a number of VPS on your account and find navigating it a bit slow we’ve now put in the ability to limit the number of VPS shown at any one time. You can choose to show 10/20/50/100 or All of your VPS from the drop down.

New Event Log

You can now get events recorded by our system about server restarts, builds or events from the Activity Log on the VPS management screen. Just click Activity Log to refresh the list to see what your server has been up to.


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