Five Attractive Features of NoSQL

NoSQL Features

NoSQL has been a buzzword of sorts for over two years as the technology has evolved and allowed programmers the ability to execute database management tasks with more ease and efficiency. While the features are not without critics and opponents, the fact is that it represents a number of key features to the user that arguably cannot be found elsewhere.

Less Downtime
The elastic nature of NoSQL allows for the workload to automatically be spread across any number of servers. This means that high traffic, interactive websites, can easily add and update their enterprise servers without suffering long periods of downtimes or service outages that can cost productivity.

No Data Format Limitations
In the past, adding sets of data to a server meant formatting them to one specific extension. As technology and servers age, these data outputs become outdated. NoSQL allows for the data formats to change with no format requirements, thus enhancing the shelf life of all systems on your network.

High Storage Capacity
When compared to RDBMS, NoSQL is capable of handling far more data in terms of both volume and complexity. This leads to a less expensive storage and data management costs for a company. As the level of information over an I/O channel figures to continue to grow over time, NoSQL appears to be a solution with a greater degree of longevity.

NoSQL is a highly adaptive technology that requires far less maintenance on the back end when compared to traditional SQL or other operations. NoSQL's updates can be self-installed with almost non-existent system downtime or lag in service. This allows the technical team of any company to focus their efforts on other areas of the enterprise. This passive benefit can result in substantial savings to a business over time.

Despite the benefits, there is no doubt that the prohibitive initial cost of this service makes it difficult for most companies to take advantage. However, those willing to make the investment will find their company reap the advantages from the developers to the sales floor, whether it’s virtual or brick and mortar.

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3 thoughts on “Five Attractive Features of NoSQL

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