How To Get Started With A Linux Server

Blackboard How To Get Started With A Linux Server

A guide to the commands, directories and conventions you'll need to know about when getting started with a Linux Server.

So you've signed up for your first Linux server. Whether it’s VPS or dedicated, unless you have some prior Linux or Unix experience, you’re likely to suddenly come up against a seemingly vertical learning curve.

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Today in Tech History

Typewriter Today in Tech History

On this day, fifty years ago, the world of tech changed forever...

Today’s a milestone in tech history. On this day in 1964, the first commercial desktop computer was launched.

The Programma 101 was unveiled at the New York World’s Fair, and had a price tag of $3,200 - that’s roughly $24,000 in today’s money. It had been produced by Italian manufacturers Olivetti and invented by the engineer Pier Giorgio Perotto.

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Bet You’ve Never Seen a Tesla Coil Do This…

Tesla coil image Bet You’ve Never Seen a Tesla Coil Do This…

How's Head of Datacentre Infrastructure has turned a Tesla coil into a musical instrument...

Primarily used in experiments into lightning, X-rays, and current, Tesla coils are the usual suspects in science and technology museums.

Pretty soon, though, one might turn up in the Royal Albert Hall or accompanying the Royal Philharmonic. That is, if the head of datacentre infrastructure at UK2 has anything do with it.

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How To Update Your System

Feather duster 2 How To Update Your System

Give your server a new lease of life with a quick and easy update...

There comes a time in every server’s life when it needs a slightly newer version of its software. Thankfully, with modern Linux distributions, all it takes is a few keystrokes to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of your system.

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Preventing heartache from Heartbleed!

Heartbleed Image Preventing heartache from Heartbleed!

We take website security very seriously and you should too! Recently, a group of researchers identified a vulnerability known as 'Heartbleed', which exposed a problem with OpenSSL on Web servers world-wide. For those who don’t know, it’s the encryption technology that keeps data secure, so you can understand why it is causing some heartache!

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Around the World in 18 Datacentres – Chicago

Chicago datacentre Around the World in 18 Datacentres   Chicago has servers in 18 global locations. In this series, we go virtual globetrotting to discover more about where they are.

Elk Grove Village is the breezy town near the Windy City. But unlike in Chicago, where the air gusts around the towers of skyscrapers, here the breeze rustles the leaves in trees and forests. The village is surrounded by more than 473 acres of park district. There are 44 parks, sweeping lakes, and miles of sports fields.

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Gaming’s new guru – Uwe Eickert

Mark Bonington talks to CEO of Academy Games Uwe Eickert about breathing new life into board games, playing the game of business and receiving $400,000 on Kickstarter.

uwe eickert Gamings new guru   Uwe Eickert

How important are new ideas?

It’s 100%. All of our games, particularly those in the historical or war game context, are concerned with re-working how they are presented in play. Many of the games in the” old school”, or the ‘Ameritrash’ way, are concerned with that ‘role a die, move, do what that square tells you to do’ mode of play. And gameplay is now moving into critical thinking, which is more exciting for us.

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