Countdown To Geek Pride Day

Geek pride day Countdown To Geek Pride Day

Read how the VPS tech team will be celebrating Geek Pride Day this weekend…

The word geek has had a renaissance in the past decade. It’s gone from being a taunt to a status symbol of a nickname. These days, geeks have a calendar full of ways to celebrate their geekdom. There was Pi Day, on March 14, there was Star Wars Day on May the Fourth, and there’ll be Programmers Day on September 13. This Sunday, however it’s Geek Pride Day. And some of the techies behind VPS are throwing a party in recognition of it.

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Do you know the Location of your Nearest Web Hosting Data Center?

shutterstock 53398678 300x194 Do you know the Location of your Nearest Web Hosting Data Center?

Many consumers of web content and applications streamed over the Internet to their devices may be unaware of the sophisticated data center and delivery apparatus put in place by web hosting customers to meet the ‘need for speed’ that both Google and customers are demanding.

To make data and apps fast – really fast – they are building new datacenter infrastructure in locations around the world in an effort to bring content closer to the physical device the end-user is using no matter where he or she is located.
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10 Skills Needed for a Top Linux Systems Administrator

shutterstock 37854169 300x200 10 Skills Needed for a Top Linux Systems Administrator

A Linux administration job is one of the most lucrative job opportunities in the job market these days - with less supply than demand and evolving enterprises looking for IT experts who can manage their Linux systems. In a recent survey titled “The 2013 Linux Jobs Report” by Linux Foundation and Dice, it was revealed that among 2600 Linux professionals, at least 100 said they were receiving job offers while already being on the job, with 35% planning to hop companies within the coming year.
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The Top Five Linux-powered Robots in the World Today

nao robot 174x300 The Top Five Linux powered Robots in the World Today

Linux may not be a front-runner in the arena of personal computing or a force in the multi-million dollar industrial robot sector, but in the world of research and independent robotics projects it's a different story. Many prestigious organizations use Linux to drive their robotics projects; for example, NASA uses Linux in many of its robotic vehicles.
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Re-imagining Fiber Optics With Orbital Angular Momentum Chips and Laser Beams!

shutterstock 106798814 300x214 Re imagining Fiber Optics With Orbital Angular Momentum Chips and Laser Beams!

Developed by researchers in China and the United Kingdom, a new type of microchip has the ability to send out laser beams. These beams have the unusual property of Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM), or orbital angular momentum. The new chips have implications for the future of optical communications technology.
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Refer a Friend & Save at VPS.NET

Today we’re announcing our all new refer a friend special. Starting today share your coupon code with a friend, and you’ll receive $40 in free service credits, which can be used towards any of our services. Best of all, your friends will benefit too, as they’ll also receive $40! Together we’re giving away $80 in total service credits.

There is some fine print – first, we’ve capped the number of referrals at 5 for the month of May. Additionally, to prevent abuse, the credits will be applied 70 days after the signup date. Both accounts must remain active for the full 70-day period.

Not sure where to start? We’ve written a pre-written tweet for you, with your client ID in the control panel at

[Important] Secure Your WordPress Password Immediately – Global WordPress Brute Force Attack

Secure WP Password WH [Important] Secure Your WordPress Password Immediately – Global WordPress Brute Force Attack

It is highly recommended that you ensure your WordPress login password is a secure password comprising of at least 8 characters and includes special characters (@#$%^&*), a variation of upper and lower case letters, and numbers.

Common Password Example:


Secure Password Example:


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New App Helps CIOs Design Data Centers

VPS Data Center App New App Helps CIOs Design Data Centers

Since the onset of the big data wave, data centers have become mission-critical infrastructure featuring in most organizations growth strategy. In order to provide a unique alternative to the traditional data center designing process,

Datapod has recently launched Datapod app to assist CIOs to design data centers and generate personalized reports within minutes.

According to Datapod founder and director, Mr. Scott Carr, "the App cuts down the time required to design a data center by helping customers identify their needs."

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A Money Back Guarantee, and SLA for everyone.

Our primary concern has always been customer satisfaction at VPS.NET; that's why, even though our corporate policy said we didn't give refunds, we typically did in most circumstances. The same goes for our SLA -- we'd rather be overly generous with reimbursements than to not give enough. It's why with the launch of the new site, we also worked hard to put in place a formal policy backed by our terms of service, promising a 30 day money guarantee and a 99.9% Uptime SLA for all our customers.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you're not satisfied with your account at VPS.NET after 30 days of service, our team will have a refund within 10 days of the request, minus the cost of any licensing fees. Unfortunately the cost of licensing certain products, like cPanel, and Windows have a direct cost on us -- in fact, on most licenses, we pass on the exact cost that we're charged. However, you will still, as guaranteed under our terms of services, be refunded for any costs like the purchase of any nodes, cloud site accounts or cloud applications.

99.9% Uptime SLA For Unmanaged Customers

In the past, only our managed customers were protected by an SLA. We've expanded our SLA now to include all of our customers, guaranteeing 99.9% uptime. If for a single month we fall below the guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, clients are eligible to receive up to 5% for each hour your service is down, up to 100% of the monthly credit. For downtime caused by user errors or problems with your site, our uptime guarantee does not cover that -- however, if you're unfamiliar performing a certain task, our cloud engineers can be hired to help for as little as $10.

Managed Customers are Now Guaranteed 100% Uptime

Also receiving a boost in value is our customers who have purchased our management package. We have upped the SLA from 99.9% to a perfect 100%! If you have a mission critical website, our management package can be purchased for just $99 a month. With it, our cloud engineers will handle the management of your entire server, and guarantee 100% monthly uptime.

For the full details of our the changes to our SLA, and implementation of a 30 day money back guarantee, can be found on our terms of service page.