The Magic “Cloud” Sauce in Google’s New Chrome Laptops

VPS Chromebook The Magic “Cloud” Sauce in Google’s New Chrome Laptops

Google has taken a large step through the introduction of the Chromebook, a laptop seeking to integrate the many features of Google's extensive array of products into a single device. While at first glance it may appear to be just another product in an overly saturated market, the Chromebook offers several features that many users may find useful.

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Red Hat Wants a Piece of China’s “Cloud” Pie

VPS RedHat Red Hat Wants a Piece of China’s “Cloud” Pie

Having crossed the US $1 billion threshold in its 2012 financial year, a first among its open source company peers, Red Hat has set its sights on the $3 billion revenue mark by 2017.

In order to achieve this ambitious target, the company is betting big on China's cloud market growth. As pointed out by the Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst, China offers the greatest market potential when compared to other developed countries like the US. This is because it doesn't shoulder the burden of having legacy systems. It is from this point of view that the company views China as its next growth frontier.

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Transcript of the 12/20/2012 Townhall

Thank you for attending our townhall. We will begin shortly. Please feel free to submit any questions you have and at the start of the townhall we will answer them.

Rus Foster ( Managing Director):
We will be starting the town hall in a couple of minutes

Rus Foster ( Managing Director):
We would like to welcome you this, our second annual town hall. First a bit of housekeeping. The format of this will be a quick review of the year, what we have upcoming for 2013, and followed by any Q&A. Feel free to put a comment at any time and we will answer them at the end of the session.

As 2012 is closing to an end its been a good year for We started off the year with the full introduction of our HP SANS's improving uptime and performance for all the upgraded clouds.

We also have expanded our reach across the globe with addition of new locations taking our global reach to 20 unique locations, making us the most geographically diverse cloud provider.

With this we have seen a double digit growth across a whole, bucking the current economic trends putting us in a good place for 2013.

We are however not happy just sitting on our laurels and have a number of service enhancements coming up in 2013, which will be available for all users.

In the first few weeks of Jan we will be launching our new bandwidth nodes allowing you to scale up just the bandwidth on your VPS as required without having to purchase extra nodes.

We will be also rolling out full IPv6 support within Q1 across all of our core locations, with native support in our control panel

We also are planning on extending our clone and deploy technology which currently allows you to clone your VPS on the same cloud. The new version will allow you to clone the VPS on to a remote cloud as well as adding the ability to migrate your data, to another cloud/location, at your own convince. This is currently on final internal beta testing

Also we will be further extending this to allow you to download and upload your own VPS images to avoid vendor lockin. Its your data, your are free to do with it what you want!

This are our plans for just Q1 of 2013, and we have many other great add-ons and service enhancements for the remaining quarters of 2013.

As always we love to hear if you have any idea of what you think we should be doing, or enhancements we should be making to the service. Customers are the reason we get up in the morning, and we want to keep them at the center of our little cloud hosting world.

OK Thats covers what we have done over the last year, and what we are planning on doing on the first 3 months of 2013. Now on to viewers questions

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Season’s Greetings from

The marketing team was hard at work playing on JibJab this week, and who better to have a bit of fun with than the operations guys? Check out the Disco Holiday Party, featuring Rus Foster, Kody Riker, Vitaliy Zhhuta, Svitlana Khoroshylova and Whitney White!

Some of my favorite moments in the video:

Vitaliy Zhhuta, our lead system admin, and his solo dance at 11 seconds.
Kody Riker, our Support Team Manager, twirling his way around the video at 26 seconds.
Rus Foster, the Managing Director of, pulling off the splits at 28 seconds.
Whitney White, the Social Media Managing, doing her best hopstep at 31 seconds.
Svitlana Khorashylova, the Office Manager, getting her boogie on 35 seconds.

All of us at wish you a happy holidays, and hope you have a prosperous 2013.

Join us for our Townhall December 20th

With the holidays approaching, we’re starting to look towards 2013 and the improvements that can be made. Before we can do that though, we must look back at 2012 and recognize a few outstanding members of the team. Kody Riker, Jibu Jose, and Vitaliy Zhuta were all chosen for the employee choice by their fellow employees for their hardwork and dedication to their position. It goes without saying that we all truly appreciate the amount of time they have spent helping our customers, and helping others within the office. Congratulations to the three of you! Customer Townhall
Last year we were able to have a lot of fun interacting with our customers through a townhall session. We’ll be holding a 2nd townhall December 20th at 5 PM GMT/9 AM PST. All of our customers are invited to attend and participate. We’re very excited to talk about some of the stuff that will be coming from in 2013. You can signup to attend the townhall at

Holiday Support Hours
Our support offices will remain open during the holidays, including Christmas Day and New Years Day. If it turns out you need something, our team will still be available to assist you.

All of us at wish you a happy holidays, and hope you have a prosperous 2013

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Our WordPress  Hosted App comes with the Ubuntu operating system, with APC, Memcache and Varinish pre-configured for the user. Simply said, we make it easy to create high performing WordPress based websites.

Once your WordPress installation is up and running, our automated management tools include monitoring, auto-scaling, back-ups, upgrades, auto-restore and more. Our management services ensure reliability, scalability and control, with no expensive service contracts required.

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2012 10 09 1125 Deploy & Manage Optimized WordPress on Cloud

Our Favorite Group Dancing Videos

It's not all work at We like to have a little fun too, and that includes a lot of YouTube browsing. We've compiled our three favorite group dancing videos to provide you with a whopping 15 minutes of entertainment!

Jailhouse tribute to Michael Jackson

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

This one is an oldie but it's a goody. A Philippian prison was able to work with their inmates to put together a tribute to Michael Jackson by having their inmates get their grove on by imitating the dance done in Thriller.

Highschool does the Black Eyed Peas!

The dancing isn't the greatest, but I'm not much to talk. But how cool would it be to have a flash mob at your high school graduation? I'm jealous. We didn't even get to throw our caps.

Ohio University Does Gangham Style!

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Ohio University is known for a lot of things -- mostly it's extreme Halloween partying, however their band is working to change that. Last year they danced to Party Rock Anthem, and this year they did the YouTube hit, Gangham Style. I'm not so sure about the music but when the dancing hits at 1:28 there's nothing cooler! and Parent Company, UK2Group, Join Internet Infrastructure Coalition

September 17 marks the official formation of the Internet Infrastructure Coalition or i2Coalition, a group dedicated to supporting private investment to drive the “nuts and bolts” of the Internet for continued growth. i2Coaltion includes more than 40 industry leaders, comprised of infrastructure providers and tech firms that share a vision for a brighter future. is proud to be one of the founding members in the i2Coalition.

The idea for the i2Coalition came about in 2011, when many of the founding members joined together during the winning campaigns educating the public and elective officials about the intrusive Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). The i2Coaltion will continue the mission to advocate for public policy goals essential for Internet infrastructure growth. As part of the launch, i2Coalition co-founder and Board Chair Christian Dawson outlines the group’s public policy priorities and mission in a video available on the i2Coalition website.

Along with our fellow i2Coalition members, we support the needs of the Internet infrastructure industry to develop market-based standards to drive innovation, which is crucial for continued growth. We intend to be a unified voice for public policy advocacy and education for the industry.

If you or your company shares our vision and serve the Internet infrastructure industry, please consider joining the i2Coalition by visiting our membership page to learn more.

The Importance of a Domain Name

Much like the importance of having a high quality location for a brick and mortar business, having a domain that appropriately represents your business, and brings in high quality traffic is important for an online business. The infographic below shows the difference between a high quality domain, and one that doesn't represent your business nearly as well.

As always, sells domain names inside of the customer portal. With volume, we offer tremendous discounts!

domain names 101 620x3344 The Importance of a Domain Name
Find more amazing infographics on NerdGraph Infographics

Cloud Report: Win a Year of Free Hosting, Instant VPS

Like sands through an hour glass, so are the days of our lives. Yet again we find ourselves coming up on another Friday, and I've got the juicy details of all that has gone on this week at!

Before we get to the news, can I tell you how much I hate moving? I'm moving, only 4 miles away from where I currently am, and I'm already planning to never move again in my life. Not even to Bora Bora (not to be confused with Tora Bora). Rental trucks, having to dissemble furniture, work with service companies to get services activated... it's no wonder why I have no hair.

Instant VPS
Our devs created a neat new tool to make launching a new VPS even faster for you. Labelled Instant VPS in the control panel, you're able to quickly and easily launch a new 4 node VPS with the click of a button. Simply choose whether you'd like the VPS to located in the US or UK and our system will automatically create a shiny new CentOS cloud server for you.

Win a Years Worth of Free Hosting!
To celebrate our race to 4,000 followers on Twitter, we're giving away a years worth of free hosting. All you have to do is be our 4,000th follower. If you end up winning, you'll receive a free 4 node server with CloudLinux and cPanel installed -- and you won't have to pay anything for a year! Consolation prize for followers 3,999 and 4,001 will be a robot and a mug. Everyone is a winner with!

With a competitor? We'll move you, and slap a sweet discount on your invoice.
Currently hosted with a different hosting company other than Let us migrate your site(s) to the cloud. As part of our agreement, we'll move your sites totally free of charge and if you show us the invoice from your current host, we'll happily apply a discount to your first invoice equal to that amount.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend! I'll be busy working out in the sun, getting the new house in tip top shape for the house warming party. You're all invited. Just show up with lots of food!