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You don’t have to have an alphabet’s worth of letters after your name to qualify as a writer. You just need to know your NFS from your SMB.

Topic-wise, you’ve got a big ball park to bat about in. We want informative articles on everything from how to use Linux and Windows, to the ins and outs of using your favourite toolkits. We’re looking for new articles that won’t be published anywhere else.

You can tailor your article to any level of understanding. We need pieces that would fit into the ‘Cloud Computing 101’ category, as well as features that can be read by masters of the web.

Want specifics? How about penning a piece on how to secure a server with SSH-keys, how to install Git on Ubuntu, how to install PHP, or how to set up Apache? Or help readers walk before they run by writing a piece on how to start your first server.

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