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In Search Of Long Battery Life

by Madeleine Bruce

In a world where we can close the curtains from a distance of 10 miles with the push of a button, why are we still yet to receive a smartphone which lasts the whole day?

The Battle Of The Tablets

by Madeleine Bruce

A tablet is the perfect gift, but which should you opt for? When the iPad first came out in 2010, it wasn’t entirely clear why a person would own a tablet if they already had a computer and a phone. After all, everything a tablet does, a phone or computer can do too: check email,…

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7 Essential Holiday Season Apps

by Madeleine Bruce

Prepare for the big day with a little help from your smartphone! The holiday season is an exciting—although invariably busy—time of year. While there are so many elements that people look forward to, including seeing their families, cooking delicious meals, baking sweet treats, taking time off work, and buying and receiving gifts from their loved…

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Tips All Home Workers Need To Read

by Madeleine Bruce

It can be hard to stay on task when working in your own environment…

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Does Targeted Advertising Really Work?

by Madeleine Bruce

Consumers worldwide are becoming exasperated by being chased around the web by targeted advertising. Sure, as a concept it should be beneficial to the consumer, but in practice it is nothing more than a nuisance.

DIY Encryption

by Madeleine Bruce

It’s not always simple keeping your data safe online…

Brand Management 101

by Madeleine Bruce

In online business it can be tricky to truly protect your brand.

A Company Guide To Using Twitter Responsibly

by Madeleine Bruce

Twitter is a social network that seems to spark extreme reaction: people either see no good reason to use it, or they simply can’t live without it.

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