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5 Plugins To Boost Website Engagement

by Kelly Kirkham

Writing brilliant content, designing beautiful images, and creating streamlined customer journeys is not enough on their own to boost website engagement. You need users who will stay engaged with your website after their first visit and become return visitors to really capture the interest you are striving for. Luckily for WordPress users, there are hundreds…

The Dangers Of WordPress Plugins And Themes

by Chris Pinnock

From its humble beginnings as simple blogging software, WordPress is now estimated to power more than 30% of the top 10 million websites in the world. One of the factors that has increased WordPress’s popularity is the ease with which plugins and themes can be created to extend it and provide more functionality than the…

How To Pick The Perfect WordPress Theme

by Kelly Kirkham

Before your WordPress website can be ready for site visitors, you must first pick a WordPress theme to support your site. When setting out to search for your new theme, it is easy to become overwhelmed. The options for WordPress themes are absolutely endless. The internet offers tens of thousands of themes to choose from…

5 Statistics That Will Make You Want A WordPress Website

by Kelly Kirkham

It’s no secret that web users love WordPress. Its easy-to-use interface and wide functionality have made it a website favorite, and the most used content management system (CMS) on the planet. However, what you may not know is the extent of WordPress popularity. The five statistics below showcase WordPress domination. Be warned, what you are…

Enlarging potential – WordPress migration to a cloud server

by Grant McMaster

Cloud vs Shared Hosting, For Ubuntu 14.04 LTS One of the most noticeable advantages of cloud servers in general is resource availability, meaning you always get what you pay for. They are reliable, stable and efficient when handling websites and blogs with high traffic. While shared hosting is slightly cheaper, it simply cannot promise stable resource…

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When Do I Need a Host for My WordPress Site?

by Chris Pinnock

Have you wondered about the difference between and Here we talk about the major differences between the two and when it may be time to switch to

WordPress and Cloud Hosting Data Centers

by Tim

If you thought self-hosted WordPress blogs or content management systems (CMS) only resided in shared hosting platforms or could only be administered through more complex dedicated servers, you’re wrong! In today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape WordPress blogs have a found a new home in Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and cloud servers built upon one of…

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Prevent Slowdowns on your WordPress Site

by Tim

Bloggers, both novice and advanced, usually use one blogging platform or another to make their website work efficiently. Among the many blogging platforms is WordPress, an impressive blogging platform with over 40 million posts a month, one that is used around the world, with support in over 120 languages. Just a few of the major…

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10 Ways to Speed Up your WordPress Site

by Chris Pinnock

Every search engine, whether it be Google or Bing, want users to have a great experience; part of which lies in visiting a fast website. Even so, some websites just seem to load slowly no matter what you do. However, according to Chris Coyier, a WordPress expert, a slow WordPress website is primarily caused by…

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