Resizing with Cloud Compute

Running your own website or web applications for your business? Consider the importance of having scalable infrastructure solutions to accelerate your growth – the success of your website or web service is dependent on the amount of network traffic it receives. Which means you don’t want to be situation where your application fails to perform due to your virtual machine not being able to handle the surge in requests.  

This is where vertical scaling can enable your business to unlock your potential. Put simply, you can maintain your existing IT infrastructure with the option to add additional compute, RAM, disk or bandwidth allowing you to boost the capacity of a single machine and increase its through put to meet the demands of your workload. 

See how you can benefit: 

  • Cost: Upgrading a pre-existing server can cost less than purchasing a new one. Additionally, you are less likely to add new backup and virtualization software when scaling vertically.
  • Simplicity: When a single node handles all the layers of your services, it will not have to synchronize and communicate with other machines to work, enabling you to experience faster response times.
  • Maintenance: The maintenance of your virtual machine will be cheaper and less complex due to the number of nodes you will need to manage.
  • Software changes: You are less likely to change how the software on a server works or how it is implemented.

Interested in taking your business to the next level? We can support you with Cloud Compute, our resizing options include:

  • CPU, RAM & Bandwidth only:  Easily increase or decrease the amount of CPU, RAM and Bandwidth available to a virtual machine, however your disk size will remain the same.
  • Disk, CPU, RAM & Bandwidth: Easily manage the amount of CPU, RAM and Bandwidth available to a virtual machine with the option to also permanently increase the size of your virtual machines disk size.

Get started today:

1. Log into the control panel here

2. Click on the virtual machine you wish to resize.  

3. Click Resize, choose the specification you wish to resize to.  

4. Click Apply, and then click confirm to start Resize.  

5. Once the resize is complete, you will receive a confirmation message. 

For more information on resizing and step-by-step guide click here