We’re going to one up ourselves! (and give you a free node)

Last week we ran a promotion for our Twitter only followers, allowing them to get a VPS.NET robot free of charge. The promotion was overwhelmingly positive and we found ourselves completely out of stock of robots, yet wanting to run another promotion. They’re fun!

With a little motivation from our Twitter mafia, we decided we’d go all out this time. We’re going to give you a FREE node FOR LIFE! Even better, there’s no limit to the amount of participants. This means everyone is eligible, and able to win. It’s like at the carnival; a winner every time!

We couldn’t make this too easy – we do have to somehow fund future contests. That’s not to say we made it hard. To get a free lifetime node, you simply need to make a post about your experience with VPS.NET. It can be good, bad, or even ugly — we’ll appreciate all, and we’re happy to give away a free node as a thank you for the work you put into it. Of course, there are a few more requirements.

  1. Each review must be at least 300 words. While we love one-liners, we prefer those be kept at the comedy club. Thoughtful and thorough reviews are much better for us.
  2. In order to get the free node, a link to the review must be posted to either a Twitter account or Facebook profile, with VPS.NET notified. You just have to make sure you CC us on Twitter or tag us on the Facebook post.
  3. The reviews must be posted between October 27th, and November 15th in order to qualify for the free node offer.
  4. That’s all!
I know you’re a better writer than me, so get to it. We want to hear about your experiences; lets get the VPS.NET buzz roaring!
Fine Print: This offer is open to existing customers only. The free node is only active for the life of the account. If your account is cancelled, the free node will be removed.

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