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Upon signing up, you will be taken to the main dashboard, here you can have visibility to:

  • Quickly launch into the build server page through clicking Deploy Server
  • Visibility on your virtual machine estate. 
  • My Billing: Where you will be required to add your payment details in order to launch your virtual machine and receive the credit.

After clicking Deploy Server, you will be taken directly to the build your server page. First thing you can do is either keep the server hostname given or replace it to something of your own.

Then you will need to decide location to which you want to deploy your server in and click that location. Once you have chosen the location, it will show on the right handside summary section.

You will then need to choose the server specification, once you have chosen the server you wish to create, that will again show on the right-hand-side with the price it will cost per month.

Then you will need to decide which Operating system you wish to deploy onto your server, by clicking each one will then show a drop down of the versions you wish to choose, after selecting the version it will then show that operating system as being selected

An SSH key will be required,  if you have not already created on you must click Add new SSH Key. The following page will then provide you with two options, either upload one or generate one.

Once you have added your SSH key, you will be taken back to the Deploy Server page where you SSH key will be added.  Once you have selected the SSH key, the next step is to click Deploy Now. Note: if you are a first time user and haven’t already added your billing/payment details you will be asked to do this.

Once payment details are added and you have passed verification or if you have already done this, then after clicking Deploy Now you will be taken to server creation page where it will take around 60 seconds for your server to build. Once it is complete it will show as Active, at which part your server will be set up and ready for you to run.

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