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How to resize my Virtual Machine

Vertical scaling will allow you to increase the capacity of a single machine. Here the resources such as processing power, storage, memory, and more are added to an existing work unit instead of horizontal scaling where you enhance the performance of the server node by adding more instances of the server to your existing pool of servers so that the load can be equally distributed.

To resize your virtual machine, we have two available options to choose from:

  • CPU, RAM & Bandwidth only: This will allow you to increase or decrease the amount of CPU, RAM and Bandwidth available to a virtual machine, however your disk size will remain the same.
  • Disk, CPU, RAM & Bandwidth: This option either increases or decreases the amount of CPU, RAM and Bandwidth but also gives you the option to available to permanently increases the size of your virtual machines disk.

By Increasing a virtual machines Memory, CPU & Bandwidth improves its performance, and increasing the size of its disk increases the amount of data you can store.

Frequently asked Questions

  • You cannot decrease the disk size of a virtual machines.When looking to resize your virtual machine, you will be unable to reduce the size of the disk, you will though be able to increase disk size if needed. Data is not always sequentially written in memory, so reducing the available space would risk data loss and filesystem corruption.
  •  Pricing will reflect when resizing to a different virtual machine spec: When you resize your virtual machine, the price will change to match the costs of the new plan.
  • You can resize your virtual machine as many times as you like: If you need to constantly resize your virtual machine to meet your resource demands you can.
  • Will there be any downtime for when I resize my virtual machine.  There might be around a total of 2 minutes of downtime during the whole resizing process of your virtual machine. 


Below is a step by step guide to resizing your virtual machine.

Please click into your individual virtual machine, from there you will be taken to your virtual machine details page where there will be a list of details about your virtual machine. Click the Resize button to view vertical scaling options.  

The following page will present you with a list of options, you will see two boxes, where you can choose what you would like to resize your current virtual machine 

  • CPU RAM & Bandwidth 
  • CPU RAM, Bandwidth & Storage. 

There will be four tabs presented, these represent the different virtual machine specs we offer, here you can click between them to see what you can resize your current virtual machine to. Once you have clicked the new virtual machine you want to resize to, please then click Apply. 

After clicking Apply, under the status section you will see a Resizing label, this is a pre-authorisation stage of the resize that will roughly 60 seconds to complete.

Once the pre authorisation stage has been complete, you will then be asked if you want to Confirm or Cancel the Resize, by clicking cancel you will be directed back to your virtual machines page, if you click Confirm, this will proceed with the Resize to the specification you selected.


If you decided to Confirm, the resize will begin and you will see a bounce bar which is preparing the resize, this could take a couple of minutes as we update your virtual machine specification. 

Once this has completed, you should see a pop up message confirming the resize has been completed in which your previous server will updated to the new specification and you will be charged going forward based on the spec you looked to resize to. If you had any issues or errors with the resize please reach out to the support centre and raise a ticket. 

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