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Our Object Storage service is based on the S3 protocol. It allows you to store any kind of object (documents, images, videos, etc.). Object Storage service is a cloud product which means that your objects are always available from anywhere in the world. You can easily upload, download and visualize the objects in your buckets. In addition, many existing libraries or CLI clients can be integrated into your application or scripts.

Region Availability

We currently have 3 regions of object storage available:

US central

Great Britain



Access is granted via S3 style access tokens that can be generated from your account.

Default Quotas

Our default quotas are set to the following:

Total storage: 100GB per region. 

If you require additional storage capacity beyond this please contact our customer support team to increase your quota


All of our objects are protected by triple replication (each object is stored 3 times throughout the cluster) for 99.9999% reliability.

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