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Getting Additional IP Addresses

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VPS.NET allows you one free public IP per VPS. In some cases, you may require more. Thanks to our powerful user portal, the process of obtaining extra public or private IPs is easy and can be requested in an instant!

Additional IP addresses are not tied by default to any of your VPSs. The process of deleting or rebuilding a VPS will not remove the IP from your account. You are allowed a maximum of 8 IP addresses allocated to each server. 
To obtain an additional IP address, please log into the VPS.NET portal and select “Get additional IP addresses."


Select “Add IP Addresses.


You now must enter the number of IPs you require and select the type of IP you need – External or Internal. Please note that External IPs carry a price of $12.50 (£10) per IP per month. You must also select the cloud the IP(s) will be used on, as they are not interchangeable between clouds.


What is the difference between public and private IPs?

A public IP is accessible from anywhere on the internet. It’s used to serve your website or other services to visitors. A private IP is only accessible from other VPSs within the same cloud your VPS.NET account. It’s used to create a private network between your servers or more advanced tasks such as HA and Load Balancing.

Result: Your IP addresses tab now lists your new IP(s), complete with the gateway and netmask info. You must now follow the proper procedure related to your OS/Distro to add them to your VPS.


Notice how easy and quick that was ?
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