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Category: Resellers, dashboard, WHMCS plugin


By default your customers can use free and paid templates. If you want, you can disable selected
templates, set your own description for them or change the price.
For that go to the Addons, then  VPS.NET Control and choose Template Manager.
The default view is as follows:

All active Clouds will appear in the first column, here you can manually enable or disable each location if
you wish. Simply uncheck the box to disable to cloud (in example above, SLC Zone E has been disabled).
If you want to simply disable some of the template groups within a Cloud simply click on the Cloud (e.g.
SLC Zone E) then uncheck the template that you do not want:

Finally, if you want to disable specific templates, select the Cloud then choose Template Group to show the
available Template then uncheck the template that you wish to disable, example below:

If you wish to change the display name and/or description or even charge an extra fee for a particular
template then you can now do this as well. Simply select the template that you wish to edit and a new
dialogue box appears as follows:

 Amend the name/description and price as required and then click the “Save Price & description” button.