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Using Fusion-IO on the Cloud

Fusion-IO are PCI Express solid state storage devices that boost productivity for I/O intensive workstation applications, VPS.NET provides it as a RAID SAN configuration to meet the demand of clients with the need for heavy I/O usage, as usual they are provided as “nodes”, in this case 2GB each. They are available in Atlanta and London clouds.
Fusion-IO nodes can only be used on a new VPS or to upgrade an existing Fusion-IO VPS.

To create a VPS with Fusion-IO please follow these steps:

1 – Purchase the required number of Fusion-IO nodes



2 – Create a new VPS, note that on the new VPS screen a new tab will show “Fusion-IO”


2.1 – First select the number of regular nodes you require, the VPS nodes will define your VPS “CPU” and “RAM”


2.2 – Next click the “Fusion-IO” tab and select your Fusion-IO nodes, this will define your new “STORAGE” values


Notice that by selecting Fusion-IO nodes, your 10GB of storage per “VPS NODE” have been replaced by the Fusion-IO storage, our pricing for the faster storage was set by taking in consideration that you will lose the regular storage amounts.

2.3 – Next you need to select a “Fusion-IO” zone, there will be the only ones available to select on the Cloud/Zone list


And you are done, ready to run your App on the fastest storage available on the cloud !
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