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Category: ISPManager


ISPmanager is a server administration control panel, admired by its clean and simple to use interface, it’s a fantastic value for VPS.NET customers who get it for free.

Note: ISPmanager should be installed on a fresh operating system. The installer will install all of the services it needs. If SELinux is enabled, it will reboot half way through to disable it. To disable SELinux, if any, just change SELINUX=enforcing into SELINUX=disabled in the configuration file /etc/selinux/config, and reboot the system.

Before the installation let’s make sure that VPS meets all requirements here:

Operating Systems Requirements: all variants of Debian or CentOS. FreeBSD.
System Resources Requirements: The ISPmanager Control Panel has been developed to consume low resources so any VPS configuration will be suitable.=

How To Install The panel


 1. Once you receive confirmation that your license is set, ssh to your server and start with downloading ispmanager’s installer:


# wget ""


 2. Run the intsaller:


# sh


 3. The installation will ask you some pre setup questions. Answer them accordingly.

 4. The next step is –  Setup Wizard. Click yes if correct.

 5. Add “Extra Packages” to list of your repositories:

 6. Choose the components you want to install:

 7. When the installation has been completed, the ISPmanager Setup Wizard will check the installed services and display the results.

 8. Use the following information for access ISPmanager-Pro:
URL – https://youripaddress:1500/ispmgr

9. Log in as root as username and root password to reach the panel.


 10. Set your hostname and timezone:

11. Change the root password to a new secure one:


ISP manager is ready for work!

For full details on ISPmanager Pro please visit ISP System

Users can also login to a demo account by visiting ISPmanager Pro Demo