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This article will assist you in performing a root password reset inside of your account.

To reset your server's root password, you must first login to your account at

Once you are logged in, navigate to your Cloud Server or SSD VPS list.

If you have multiple servers, please select the single server where you would like the password reset.

Once you have selected the server, the "Overview" section of your server will be displayed as above.

From the Overview page you will have several actions available to you. In order to reset your server's root password, simply click the "Reset Password" action. 

Keep in mind, the "Reset Password" action requires a reboot of your server in order to change the root password. Make sure you select this action when it is appropriate for your server to be offline due to a reboot.

Once this action completes, there will be a new "Initial root password" available on the Overview page.

Contact Support

If you have any issues with the article above, please make sure to contact support via Live Chat or by email to