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Migration options

Migration involves moving a set of instructions or programs from one platform to another. When it comes to migration there are several options to migrate websites from an existing server to a new one. 

Smooth migrations by means of different control panels  like cPanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin/ISP manager, etc:

  • ♦ from a cPanel server to another cPanel server (this migration can be done from WHM interface). An account will be set up on the new server in the exact same fashion as it was running on the previous server.
  • ♦ from nopanel server to cPanel server/other control panels (this migration requires creating resources from interface manually)

It is possible to move all files and databases from nopanel server to nopanel server. This is totally manual migration that requires each file and database to be transferred manually. This method is typically the longest and the most intensive.

Additionally, there is a method which only works if you are an existing VPS.NET client. You are able to take a snapshot of your current VPS and move it to a new location. Your VPS will be set up exactly the same as your current server, however, it will have a new/different IP address and of course a  new location.

Any type of migration can also involve downtime, while the old system is replaced with a new one.

Depending on your needs and existing hosting infrastructure our engineers can help with determining which migration method is most suitable. For this, we will need to know your website’s address, MySQL Database information (including database usernames and password), any special requirements from you.

In order to complete the migration it is also needed to access DNS System for the domain, so that modify the DNS to route website’s visitors to the new server. The quickest method to route visitors to the new server is to modify the A Record to point to the new server’s IP Address or modify the name servers at your domain registrar to dns1/

The period after the A Record and name servers have been changed is referred to as the propagation period. Propagation refers to the amount of time it takes for all the DNS servers everywhere around the world to recognize the fact that the authority for the domain has changed. The propagation period typically lasts as long as 48-72 hours. Propagation may be as little as 15 minutes if set TTL for A record to 15 mins the day prior to the migration.

During this propagation period, we recommend that you do not perform any updates to your website, as they may be placed on the old server, and will not be migrated over to your new server. If you avoid making changes to your website during a migration and propagation period, you will always have a consistent functional website available to your visitors. They won’t know that you have switched because as far as they can tell, they are just browsing your website. They won’t realize that you are in a state of propagation and that from one minute to the next, they are potentially browsing your site from two different providers.

If you would like us to change the DNS information for your site only after you have verified that your site is working properly on the new server, we can do that without a problem. Just let us know and we will follow up.

As a special offer, we have an awesome feature in VPS.NET dashboard for new clients! Free inbound site migration. This includes cPanel to cPanel migration for a number of sites whose total size is less than 1GB.

If you do run into any trouble with migrating your website to VPS.NET, please do contact us — we would be more than happy to help!

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