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Clone and deploy feature allows to create an entirely new server from an existing one, moreover, using it you can create a completely customized image based on different options, and rapidly deploy the image to a new server.

This feature is only available if Snapshot Backup is enabled on the originating server.

If somehow you do not include the backup option during VPS installation, you can do it right now. For this, simply go to Control Panel, find cloud server that you would like to clone and click “Edit” button. On the third step select “Snapshot” backup. Do not forget to save changes.

Then, find the cloud server that you want to clone and go to the “Backups” tab, click “Create a clone” then confirm with a left click on “OK” button.

Note, this feature will be inaccessible if Cloud is closed.

The list of Clouds available can be found at the bottom right corner of your Dashboard.

A clone of the VPS will be created with the same number of nodes. If there are an insufficient number of nodes on your account, new nodes will be added automatically and your account charged.

This feature can’t be used if disc space of your VPS is more than 80Gb.

It is worth mentioning that any licenses on this server will be also added on and charged appropriately. Pop-up window will notify you about this during clone process.


Wait 15-45 minutes (depends on the VPS size) and your new cloud server copy will be created on the same cloud as the original one.

 Your new cloud server is now ready to use!


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