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How to reinstall the OS template on a VPS

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There are some situations when your current VPS is corrupted/hacked or you simply wish to change the OS template on your VPS for a different one and at the same time you have no intension to change the IP address, Cloud/Zone and pay for certain services/licenses all over again, a simple “Re-install” option is what you need.

The templates can be changed only within one operating system, that is, Linux OS (CentOS, CloudLinux, Ubuntu, Debian, etc) can be replaced only with Linux OS, whereas Windows OS with Windows one.
Please mind that the number of nodes cannot be changed during that process

To proceed with the “Re-install” option you will have to stop your current VPS using “Force Power Off” option:

 Once VPS is stopped, this option is available for you:

 Once clicking on it, the next window will appear:


When clicking on it, you should choose the Cloud/Zone/OS and Template you need one by one:
Cloud: should be the same as it was;

Available Zone: should be the same as it was;

OS: can be any that you want;

Template: can be any that you want.

 Once you have made your choice, please click on “Re-install now” button.

At this point (it can take 5-30 seconds) you will be automatically redirected to the main page of your VPS, where you see the following:

It means that your VPS is currently building with a new OS template and it will be ready within 5-20 minutes. After refreshing the page, you should see all available options for managing your VPS:

 The re-installation process is completed and you can use your VPS.

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