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How to restore snapshot backups

Enabled Snapshot backups is the easy solution to restore your whole VPS in cases it is hacked, files/folders are accidentally removed, file system is broken due to problems with disk of your VPS.

Before the restoration process of your VPS you should stop it. Please use “Force Power Off” option:

Please wait until your VPS is stopped. “Startup” option should appear there:

Now go to “Copy & Backup” Tab:

On “Copy & Backup” Tab you will be able to see all your backups. Some of them can be in “Built” and/or in “Pending” states:

You can restore only backups that are in “Built” state and if their size is not less than 250 Mb

To start the restore process please press “Restore” Option for any snapshot backup that is OK for you:

After that your VPS will start to restore and you will be automatically redirected to main page of your VPS where you will see the following status for your VPS:

That status for VPS will be available until backup is restored. The restoration time depends on size of your backup and it can take up to 3 hours. When the backup is restored you will be able to get “Startup” option there:

And finally you should start your VPS using “Startup” option to get it working, because VPS does not start automatically after the restoration process. If VPS is started, then it was restored successfully:

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