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How to run manual file system check

If server is not coming up after “Startup” button is pressed, and you see one of the following messages in server console in VPS.NET dashboard:


This can suggest that manual file system check is required.  The system utility fsck (for “file system check”) will check the consistency of a file system and repaire it if damaged.  Because running fsck to repair a file system which is mounted for read/write operations can potentially cause severe data corruption/loss, the file system is normally checked while unmounted, mounted read-only, or with the system in a special maintenance mode that limits the risk of such damage. Let’s start by booting the server in recovery mode. When  using recovery mode there will be indicator on the top of the page saying “This VPS is in recovery mode”. Simply press “Reboot in Recovery” button:


Log in to this recovery image as root and password “recovery”. Your filesystem will be on /dev/sdb1. Run the file system check:

# fsck -yfC /dev/xvdb1

This will show you the progress of executing manual file system check.

Once done  shut down the VPS using “Force Power Off” button in dashboard:

Start the VPS with “Startup” button:

Once the status lamp turns on, then your server is up and fully operational.

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