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Introduction to Geo Hosting

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So, what is Geo Hosting?

Simply put, it’s a geographically distributed web hosting service.
For the fastest connection to a website it’s an obvious solution to minimize the distance the information has to ‘travel’ and thus decrease timings of data transfers.
Geo Hosting by VPS.NET is a PHP/MySQL hosting service that allows your websites to be served from several geographical locations simultaneously. In fact, it’s like having entire copies of your website on separate servers located around the globe.
Each and every time someone visits your site he will actually see a copy of your site served by the web server located closest to the visitor. This fantastic feature is achieved by using a brand-new geo-balancing mechanism developed at VPS.NET
As a result all your visitors will always access your website at maximum possible speed.
Just imagine any of your websites – be it a simple blog or a feature-rich portal – loading much faster for end users.
If you’re a content distributor of large pieces of data – e.g. media, softwares – imagine downloads going really fast absolutely for everyone regardless of their physical locations.

What’s needed from you to achieve these fantastic improvements?

Absolutely nothing! You won’t have to change a single bit in your website. Just start using our Geo Hosting service today and start enjoying better performance immediately.
Even more – you can choose how many points of service you need and their geographical locations.

And we have yet something else for you!

Yes, we always do more for you.
All Geo Hosting packages come with pre-installed state of art web software – WordPress. And it’s 100% ready to work in our geo-distributed environment.

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