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Managing VPS Labels and Backups

You may wish to edit the details of your VPS for many reasons, for example you may have forgotten to enable backups when creating it or the purpose of your VPS may have changed and you want to change its label for a quick overview of its new use. To do this you need to edit your VPS. You can access this from one of 2 locations.

The first is via the individual VPS overview page
VPS Edit Location 1

The second is via the “My VPSs” or “Virtual Machines” page
Edit VPS location 2

From this page you can change the label and enable or disable backups. To edit the label simply select the text box and edit it to your needs.

Edit VPS Label

Note: you cannot currently change the hostname of your server from the edit VPS page. If you need to change the hostname of your server, you can do this from within your VPS directly via an SSH connection or through other management tools. The hostname box is only used for the initial creation of your VPS, after this it is merely another label for your VPS. If you change your hostname manually within your VPS, the change does NOT show up here

For changing the status of the VPSs backups just simply tick or untick the check box as shown below

Edit VPS Backups

when you are done click save and if you are successful you should see the following appear briefly on your screen

Successful VPS edit

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