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1) What is Power Pack?

Power Pack is an option that enables VPS.NET cloud servers to double in power during periods of peak demand. It consists of:

  • Server Density server monitoring : for monitoring your server load and resources, providing full graphical data and real time SMS/email alerts
  • Auto-scaling – up to twice your server’s RAM &vCPU; subject to a limit of 16 vCPUs and 8GB RAM
  • Unlimited bandwidth (in most data centres)

2) What can I use Power Pack for?

Power Pack gives you a big server for a small price. If you spec your server to handle your regular server load, Power Pack can be used to step-in when things get busy. Alternatively, if demand on your server is unpredictable, you can use Power Pack to deal with unforeseen peaks in demand.

3) Does Power Pack have any restrictions?

Yes, Power Pack is subject to a fair usage policy.  The additional capacity is intended for peaks in demand. If your server is constantly using the additional power pack resources, we will contact you to recommend that you upgrade to your cloud server.

Power Pack has a 16 node limit (16 vCPUs / 8GB RAM). This is the maximum additional resource that can be added with Power Pack. If your server is larger than 16 nodes, then  Power Pack will allow it to scale by an additional 16 nodes.

Unlimited bandwidth is not available in our Montreal, New Delhi, Sao Paulo or Sydney data centres.

4)  Can I auto-scale by more than 100%?

No, Power Pack will not allow servers to scale by more than 100%. If you need your server to scale by more than 100%, then you can either add more resources to your core server, or you can use Auto-scaling, without the Power Pack option.

5)  What is Server Density Software?

Server Density is powerful server monitoring software that provides alerts, graphing, service overview, dashboards an API and plug-in support. Further details can be found here

6) Is bandwidth unlimited even when my server is not scaling?

Yes. Bandwidth is a monthly allocation of data throughput. In most locations and without Power Pack, this is 3TB per node.  Once you have enabled Power Pack, the bandwidth restriction is removed, even if you do not use the other Power Pack resources.  Unlimited bandwidth is subject to a fair usage policy, and is not available in Montreal, New Delhi, Sao Paulo or Sydney.

7) How do I control Power Pack scaling?

Power Pack scales automatically. Your server is monitored using the Server Density software and additional nodes are automatically added one at a time, before your server reaches its full capacity. Likewise, as the load on your server falls away, Power Pack nodes are automatically removed from your server.

8) How is Power Pack charged?

You pay a simple single monthly fee per server for Power Pack. This includes all features of Power Pack including Server Density software, additional bandwidth & additional server capacity. There are no additional charges when your server scales.

9) Can I buy more than one Power Pack?

You can only have one Power Pack per server.

10) Will one Power Pack add power all my servers?

No, every server that you deploy needs its own Power Pack.

11)  What is the Fair Usage Policy?

You can find the Fair Usage Policy here

12) I already use Server Density, can I upgrade to Power Pack?

Yes. In fact, Power Pack is very similar in price to Server Density and includes additional server capacity & bandwidth. So Power Pack offers extremely good value to existing Server Density customers.

13) I already use auto scaling, can I upgrade to Power Pack?

Yes. And Power Pack includes your auto-scaling capacity (up to twice your server size). So if you use Power Pack instead of auto-scaling, not only will you save money, but you will have simplified billing as well.

14)  Does Power Pack include hard disk storage?

No. Power Pack does not include Hard Disk storage. However, you can add additional hard disk storage to your VPS.NET cloud server independently of Power Pack.

15) Is Power Pack capacity permanently allocated to my server?

No. Power Pack capacity is allocated to your server when your server gets near to capacity. Once allocated, the additional vCPU and RAM is exclusively allocated to your server. When load on your server drops, the additional vCPU and RAM is removed from your server.

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