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Snapshot backups


     Snapshot backups are easy and effective. Using snapshot backups, VPS.NET will take a “snapshot” of your VPS once a day, every week and every month. At the end of the month it will retain one daily, one weekly, one monthly and then a day of your choice for backup – manual snapshot. Only entire backup of your vps can be restored, individual files are not considered. Snapshot backups are available for 5 $/month.

Snapshot backups are only available for VPSs with deployed disk space lower than 80 Gb.
If you would like to increase or deploy disk space for VPS larger than 80 Gb, you would need to disable Snapshot backups.

It can be enabled for existing VPS using the following link:

If you do not have any backups enabled for existing VPS, you will see the following message/option for your backups:

Please use “Edit” button to go to the following page:

then go to “Backup Manager” and open the section:

As a result you will get the following window (if you do not have any backups enabled yet):

put a tick near “Snapshot” option and save the changes using “Save” button at the bottom of the page:

When you are through, you will be automatically returned to the main page of your VPS:

as a result you will be able to see backups are enabled for your server:

If you go to “Copy & Backup” Tab, you will be able to see whether Backups are enabled and scheduled for creation:

After that you will see the following:

   You can see that all backups are marked as “Pending” The first snapshot backup should be available there within next 24 hours. The time zone on your backups Tab is the one that you set while creating your account.

   When backups are created their state changes to “Built”:

   Also you can see situation that 2 or all 3 backups are created, but the date of the creating is the same for all of them. Such situation is possible only for newly enabled snapshot backups. Later snapshot backups will show the correct time and date of creation.

We recommend to monitor your snapshot backups from time to time. If you see that some of the backups were not created for more than 3 days, please open a support ticket.


According to the above information you are also able to create manual snapshot backups. You can do it from “Backups” Tab using “Create a new Snapshot” option:

After that Manual snapshot backup will be added to list of backups and it will be in “Pending” state during creation:

Priority of Manual snapshot is higher than auto backup so it should be created faster. Usually it takes 1 – 6 hours. It depends on size of the data on your VPS. When backup is created you will be able to see it as “Built”:

Please note that you can have only 1 Manual snapshot backup present at the time.

If you would like to create new one, then existing manual snapshot backup should be removed. You can do it by using “Trash” icon next to Manual snapshot backup:

That process can take from 1 to 10 minutes. To see if Manual backup was already removed, you would need to refresh the page with backups in your browser.

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