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Working with Geo Hosting account

Category: Getting Started &nbsp

For the best overall performance and stability results we limit one Geo Hosting account to using one domain name only.
At the same time you can have unlimited amount of Geo Hosting accounts! No worries, we have enough capacity to serve all web projets you might have.

How it works

Create your Geo Hosting account
Upload files, setup database(s). You don’t have to make any changes to your website files or databases in order to get Geo Hosting working for you! Our system start working immediately.
All changes you make to files and databases are automatically and transparently propagated to all locations in no time.
Every time someone visits your site a copy of it will automatically be delivered from the server which is closest to the visitor.

What’s included

Almost like with any other hosting account, you’re able to use FTP, email, and common web services.
Besides that, you get WordPress pre-installed for you, so you can start building a brand-new website right away.
Unlike any other web hosting service over there you also get extra speed, load balancing between locations with automatic fail-over mechanism, flexibility and ease of use.

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