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We currently accept payment using credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), debit cards, and PayPal.


  1. Try to charge the accounts default credit or debit card on the 1st of the month. We will send out an invoice with details on the resources a customer has consumed for the prior month

  2. If the default payment method fails and we cannot collect balance owed, the account owner will have 5 days from 1st day of the month the make payment, customer can make payment to account details provided on invoice.

    • If the account owner has still not paid by the 5th day, they will be placed in the suspend_due queue, at this point we will send a 24 hour notification email that services will be suspended if not paid.

3. Past due accounts. Failure to make payment on the 5th day will result in all services to be suspended and will stay that way for another 55 days. As your resources will still be active, you will still occur charges for any resources running. After that period, accounts suspended over 55 days will appear in the suspended_users queue and will get terminated completely on the 61st day if account owner has failed to make payment for the balance that is due.

    • If account owner makes payment before the 61st day, our support team will then unsuspend your account and provide you access to use Cloud+. 

4. Termination of an account will result in all resources being deleted and therefore non-recoverable.