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How to configure module in WHMCS

Before using WHMCS module, you should activate it and configure. Follow the steps below to do so.Let’s

  1. log in as Admin. Go to “Setup” and choose “Addon Modules”

2. Click on “Activate”

3. Tick the “Full Administrator” option then Click on “Save Changes”

4. In your WHMCS administration panel, go to “Addons”, and select “VPS.NET Control”.

You should now see the VPS.NET Control Settings screen as follows:

Please note: For future reference, we can come back and update these settings by going to “Addons”, choosing “VPS.NET Control”, and selecting “Settings”

5. This is where the main settings need to be applied, you will need to start off with your API
details, enter your VPS.NET login username (usually it`s your e-mail address) and API key (make sure
that you have generated the key under “Profile” in your VPS.NET dashboard) into the fields shown below:

6. Next you can set the maximum number of regular, storage and RAM nodes that you want your
customers to be able to order. By default, on first install, we automatically set these values.

Clicking on the Set Prices link next to each type of node allows you to customize the price of each
number of Node under a variety of billing cycles. In the diagram below, you can see (highlighted in
yellow) the example prices that we have added. These are the set prices for that number of nodes on a
monthly basis. You can also setup discount rates for quarterly, semi-annual (6 month) and Annual

7. Once you are happy with this, click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page then “Close
Window” button.

8. Finally set the price for each Addon products (i.e. backup and control panel licenses etc..) and then press
the “Save Changes” button. By default, we have automatically provided default values for these.

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