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WHMCS Module Installation

Category: Resellers, dashboard, WHMCS plugin



WHMCS Module has been designed to integrate the VSP.NET environment functions into WHMCS. The module is not encoded, so you can easily modify it to suit your own needs.

To install the module:
1.Download the latest module version from the VPS.NET website

2.Extract the files using a .gz and .tar extraction program such as 7-Zip
3.Upload the modules folder to the root of your WHMCS installation using an FTP client or SSH. The
folder structure should be as follows:


{WHMCS root}/admin/images/
{WHMCS root}/modules/servers/vpsnet/
{WHMCS root}/modules/servers/vpsnet/charts/
{WHMCS root}/modules/addons/vpsnet/
{WHMCS root}/templates/portal/vps/
{WHMCS root}/templates/default/vps/
{WHMCS root}/lang/overrides/
{WHMCS root}/vps-cloud.php
{WHMCS root}/nodecart.php


PLEASE NOTE: if you don’t use “portal” as your current template:
Please copy files from this directory:

{WHMCS root}/templates/portal/vps/

to this directory:

{WHMCS root}/templates/{current template name}/vps/

4.Set the folder permissions chmod 0777 to the following folder:


{WHMCS root}/modules/servers/vpsnet/charts/


To upgrade from a previous version, follow the steps as listed above, at step 3, when you upload the files
onto your server, make sure that you overwrite the existing files currently on your server. You will then have the latest version installed.

Now we can proceed with the module configuration manual here:

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