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How to create product in WHMCS

Category: Resellers, dashboard, WHMCS plugin


1. First go to “Setup” and choose “Products/Services”:

2. Click on “Create a New Product”:

3. Select the following values from the drop down boxes:
Product Type = Dedicated/VPS Server
Product Group = Cloud hosting
Product Name = Enter the name of the VPS here
Then click on “Continue

4. You will now see the “Details” tab for the product, you can add Product Description details as well as
other options as seen below. After making any change, click on the “Save Changes” button:

5. Next click on the “Pricing” tab, select “Recurring” as the Payment Type then add the price that you wish
to charge your customers. You can enter discounted rates for the quarterly/semi-annual and
annual options if you wish or disable them by adding -1.00 as the amount. In the example below we
have entered a monthly fee of $20 per month and have disabled other options. Once you have
made this change, click on the “Save Changes” button.

6. Next click on the Module Settings tab. Under the “Module Name”, select Vpsnet from the dropdown
box and wait a moment for the page to load the settings. At this screen, you will need to set the
number of Standard, storage and RAM nodes as per your configuration. You will also need to set the
Cloud and Template required from the Dropdown box selection. In the example below, we have
assigned 1 standard node and used the “CentOS 5.5″ template based in “London Zone K”. You also
have options here to automatically add backup options as well as include Control Panel licenses
here directly;


7. Automatic Provisioning
Below this box you will see four further Automation options which relate to how you wish to deploy this
VPS as follows:

Enabling the first option will create the VPS once the order is placed, second option will wait for
payment confirmation (recommended) before creating the order. Third option will wait for the
order to be manually approved and the fourth will not setup the product at all.

PLEASE NOTE: If you select the fourth option, you MUST setup the VPS manually by going to the Clients account, select the Products/Services tab, and choose the VPS they have ordered from the Products dropdown box. Once the details load, scroll down the page and you will see a section called “Module Commands” click on “Create” here to create the VPS here

Once you have made any changes, click on the “Save Changes” button. You have now successfully setup a
Pre configured VPS server, you should be able to see this as an option to order:

PLEASE NOTE: The Cloud Hosting group was created earlier from Setup → Products/Services →Create a New Group
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