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While a region is currently limited to a single project in Cloud+, regions and projects are not synonymous with one another.


Regions in Cloud+ are geographical descriptors for the physical location in which our data centres (and virtualisation platforms) reside. When you go to “Create project” in the Cloud+ Control Panel, you are greeted with a selector for your Project:

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Some considerations to take into account when selecting your region include:

  • The latency from your primary connection to the selected region. If you live in France, you connection to Germany might be faster than your connection to the United States, so deployments could be quicker to a closer region.

  • The latency and relevancy of your users to your selected region. If you run a store, and your customer-base is primarily in the European Union, it might make more sense to choose the German region over the United Kingdom.

  • Data sovereignty considerations. It could be that you handle data which falls under data sovereignty rules for your specific country or governance system. If this is the case then it could impact your choice of region.


Unlike regions, projects are more specific to you as a user. Projects are a logical separation of resources assigned to your account, per-region, and can be named upon creation within each region.

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Projects start with modest limits for the number of instances, amount of virtual CPUs allocated, and the maximum RAM allowed across each.