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How to delete Cloud Server with Windows OS?

Log in to your account at

Open Your Cloud Server list, located in the Cloud Servers section, and delete the unnecessary server by pressing the Delete” icon next to it:

Review the information from the pop-up window carefully and, if you still intend to delete the Cloud Server, re-type manually (avoid copy-pasting) the provided text into the field below that will initially be blank. Confirm you actions by pressing the “Confirm” button below:

Once your cloud server is successfully removed, the specified quantity of nodes will become unassigned. They will be added to your node pool in the section Upgradeand can be used for creating another cloud server. If you no longer need them and want to avoid further charges, delete all ungrouped monthly nodes by pressing “Delete all” button and further confirming your actions.

Pay attention that if you delete Cloud server with Windows OS the template itself will also become unassigned and should be deleted as well in order to avoid further charges. Please, delete the template using Manage Windows licenses/ templates link on your dashboard in Cloud Servers section:



Your server has been successfully removed. You can review the information about it in the Your Cloud Server List

Note! The cloud server is available for recovery for 12 hours after deletion. If you want to delete it permanently and right away, press Delete icon next to the server information and further confirm your actions.

Now your Cloud Server and all related services have successfully been removed.