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Cloud VS VPS Hosting

  • Autohealing means hardware failure won't bring your site down
  • Automatic scaling of your hosting.
  • Just pay for what you need.

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Don't get mislead by a vendor passing off old, antiquated technology as cloud. Make sure your provider is fully resilient, with auto-healing cloud servers, usage based billing and full administrative control over your cloud server


Our cloud infrastructure is designed for reliability, with built in redundancies on every level. Enjoy the protection of the cloud knowing hardware failure won't crash your site. Should any part of the cloud fail our system will automatically move over to spare hardware meaning your site stays up and is protected from failure.


Easily add and remove resources to your cloud server without any waiting period. Scale up or scale down; as you need, when you need. If your site suddenly has an influx of new visitors our system can automatically add and remove resources as needed.

Pay As You Use

Only pay for what you need. Don't be caught up by fixed price contracts. You can have the flexibility to scale as needed. You can add memory and disk space as needed, and then take it away when you've finished with it.

Start building here. 5 simple steps!

1: Select Spec

CPU Cores n
Total RAM (GB) nn
Bandwidth (TB) Unlimited (FUP)
Disk Drive (GB) nnn

2: Add More Storage

3: Select OS

Note: Windows & cPanel require at least 2 nodes

4: Select Location

(Salt Lake City)

5: Make it Managed

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