4 Must-Haves For Dating Apps This Valentines

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

What's the secret to a good dating app? A conversation around dating and romance in 2016 is almost guaranteed to include talk about online dating and location-based apps. What once was a stigmatized practice, reserved…

What Are Vishing & Smishing?

Posted by Neil Cumins

The lesser known cousins of phishing can cause quite the problem for you. Vish and smish may sound like two characters from a children’s cartoon, but they represent the modern frontline of identity fraud. Vishing…

Where Is Your Data?

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Storing your data at a remote location is smart business practice, but where does it go? If you’re running a business website you’ll need to invest in a web hosting solution: that much we all…

Exploring Offline Storage

Posted by Neil Cumins

Should you be storing your data offline or up in the cloud? (more…)

Are Smartphones Dying Out?

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Research shows that the smartphone could die out within the next five years… It’s been less than a decade since Steve Jobs unveiled the very first iPhone, kick-starting a new generation of technology and gadgetry.…

The Future Of Bitcoin

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

What lies ahead for Bitcoin? When Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, it was heralded both as the new currency of the internet and of the modern data-transparent era. Born in the rubble of the…

7 Takeaways From CES 2016

Posted by Neil Cumins

The Consumer Electronics Show didn't disappoint this year... As the world’s largest technology and computing exhibition, the annual Consumer Electronics Show provides a compelling glimpse into the future. Every January, manufacturers and designers from around…

4 Of Our Least Favorite Buzzwords

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Buzzwords are great, but there’s a few we’re tired of hearing about. (more…)

The UK Favors Genetic Modification

Posted by Yasmin El-Saie

The UK has become the first country to legalize genetic modification of human embryos. Today the United Kingdom became the first country in the world to authorise a licence for a gene editing research technique…

The Myth Of Unlimited Mobile Data

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Your 'unlimited' package may in fact have huge limitations. (more…)
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