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Unleash your full data potential with VPS Cloud Compute

  • Improve performance with fast compute, storage, and network in multiple regions across the globe
  • Cut running costs by only paying for used resources
  • Deploy services in regions closer to data sources to cut network latency
  • Improve infrastructure speed and efficiency
  • Get ahead of platform growth for efficient scaling

VPS Cloud Compute creates a multi‐tenant computing platform powered by our global network and vast data center footprint. VPS Cloud Compute runs on industry‐leading, highly available compute, network, and storage hardware. This is fully supported by VPS.NET’s cloud hosting foundations and expert technical support.

Easily manage compute, network, and storage resources

VPS Cloud Compute is among the latest and fastest cloud computing platforms. We provide cutting‐edge operating systems, low network latency and high storage IOPS, placing the best of modern cloud architecture at your fingertips.

THG Edge

Experience ultimate scalability through fast compute, low latency network, and high IOPS storage with easy to manage security. Cut down cost by paying for instance uptime and nothing more. Our VPS Cloud Compute solutions achieve all this by providing users with infrastructure scalability running on best‐of‐breed hardware, including 2nd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. These deliver ultrafast processing, placing your content and services in front of your customers more quickly than would otherwise be achievable.

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THG Edge
  • Guaranteed high uptime by multi‐availability zones.
  • 24/7 customer support and technical assistance from engineers who have many years of experience in running cloud infrastructure.
  • Experience with hosting among the largest ecommerce platforms, and a commitment to provide our customers with 99.9% SLAs.
  • Advanced infrastructure monitoring capabilities, enabling our cloud technical team to identify potential infrastructure failures and proactively mitigate any impact on cloud tenants.
  • Multiple regions supported by the most efficient data centers in the world.
  • Users can scale up or down compute instances in multiple regions, at a click of a button.
THG Edge

Memory Optimized

Tiny Small Medium Large Xlarge
80GB Storage 160GB Storage 320GB Storage 640GB Storage 1300GB Storage
2TB Bandwidth 4TB Bandwidth 5TB Bandwidth 8TB Bandwidth 10TB Bandwidth
vCPU: 1 vCPU: 2 vCPU: 4 vCPU: 8 vCPU: 16
$/hour: 0.044 $/hour: 0.078 $/hour: 0.167 $/hour: 0.329 $/hour: 0.658
$/month: 32.00 $/month: 57.00 $/month: 122.00 $/month: 240.00 $/month: 480.00

vCPU Optimized

Tiny Small Medium Large Xlarge
20GB Storage 40GB Storage 80GB Storage 160GB Storage 320GB Storage
2TB Bandwidth 4TB Bandwidth 5TB Bandwidth 8TB Bandwidth 10TB Bandwidth
vCPU: 1 vCPU: 2 vCPU: 4 vCPU: 8 vCPU: 16
$/hour: 0.014 $/hour: 0.027 $/hour: 0.049 $/hour: 0.118 $/hour: 0.221
$/month: 10.00 $/month: 20.00 $/month: 36.00 $/month: 86.00 $/month: 161.00

Network Optimized

Tiny Small Medium Large Xlarge
80GB Storage 80GB Storage 160GB Storage 320GB Storage 640GB Storage
3TB Bandwidth 5TB Bandwidth 8TB Bandwidth 12TB Bandwidth 15TB Bandwidth
vCPU: 1 vCPU: 2 vCPU: 4 vCPU: 8 vCPU: 16
$/hour: 0.023 $/hour: 0.045 $/hour: 0.086 $/hour: 0.201 $/hour: 0.430
$/month: 17.00 $/month: 33.00 $/month: 63.00 $/month: 147.00 $/month: 314.00
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Always On

VPS.NET has invested 20 years of planning and perfecting for ultimate uptime availability.

24x7 Support

Our experts are ready to help solve your infrastructure questions around the clock.

24 Data Centers

Less latency and closer connections equal better control and end-user support.

Highly Scalable

VPS.NET services grow with you as your business reaches its true potential.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cloud?

The cloud is a generic term for any remote‐access services, which can be viewed and edited from multiple web‐enabled locations. The cloud rose to prominence in the last decade, and today, it’s recognized as a core platform for hosting apps, software, data and services. Information is stored on servers in dedicated data centers, which are protected with military levels of security to ensure the software and services they host are available 24/7, anywhere in the world.

The cloud has overtaken more traditional hosting solutions like bare metal servers for the same reasons IMAP email has overtaken POP mail. It’s far better to be able to access your data as and when you need to – and ensure your customers can do likewise – than having it stored in a single location with all the access limitations that brings. This has been underlined during the last year, when many IT staff have been physically unable to access server rooms due to workplaces being off‐limits.

What is VPS Cloud Compute?

VPS Cloud Compute is our latest multi‐tenant cloud running on best‐of‐breed highly available hardware, powered by 2nd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. With a few clicks of a button, users can launch single or multiple compute instances across available regions, supported by industry‐leading data centers.

VPS Cloud Compute's wide selection of customizable services provides users with the flexibility to deploy instances with resources that satisfy every application requirement. The flexible hourly instance billing system allows users to manage costs by paying for hourly uptime only.

Why do you need VPS Cloud Compute?

As well as being hugely cost‐effective (since you only pay for required resources), VPS Cloud Compute delivers ultra‐fast processing power, high IOPS storage, and low latency networks for the best performance. Through the user‐friendly VPS Cloud Compute interface, you can achieve ultimate application elasticity by launching multiple instances across multiple regions, and then scale down when instances are no longer required.

What is latency?

Latency is the delay between an instruction being issued by a terminal, and a response being received from the host server. Latency is measured in milliseconds, and even a fraction of a second can have a significant impact on the user experience. Indeed, if your services depend on immediacy, latency can be a killer. In terms of online gaming, latency of just 100 milliseconds can have a substantial impact on playability. It might lead to one person having a glitchy and unrewarding gameplay experience – some modern multiplayer titles require latency of less than 30 milliseconds to guarantee an instruction from a terminal achieves the expected response on the host server.

For other service providers, latency is less acutely felt but still significant. High levels of latency may result in it taking longer for streaming media to rise to the highest adaptive bitrates on offer, providing an inferior UX in the meantime. It could see websites taking longer to respond – not just bad for consumers, but bad for SEO as well. It might also lead to less responsive apps than you’d expect based on beta testing. Worst of all, your company won’t necessarily know your customers are having an imperfect UX, because you’re rarely going to be experiencing your software or services from a consumer perspective.

How does VPS Cloud Compute tackle latency?

We take a multi‐pronged approach to the minimization of latency on our networks. Firstly, we use the latest hardware in our data centers. Secondly, we’ve positioned 24 centers on five different continents, ensuring data has less physical distance to travel to an end user’s terminal from our nearest server. Even the best fiber optic infrastructure experiences a degree of delay as data packets traverse multiple routers and relays en route, especially if data has to travel thousands of miles. Far better to minimize the distance between clients and the nearest VPS.NET data center, slashing the number of nodes involved. We also ensure that bandwidth is readily available, so even spikes in data transfer volumes can be comfortably accommodated.

How do I access my instances in VPS Cloud Compute?

VPS Cloud Compute is designed to make the management of instances, security, and resources easier with the elegant use of regions and default projects. Users can easily access their instances using the public SSH Key associated with the instance in the launch phase. Through the VPS Cloud Compute control panel, users can carry out instance operations such as start, pause, restart, and stop.

How do I get access to VPS Cloud Compute?

To access VPS Cloud Compute, you only need a VPS.NET account. Using your VPS.NET account, you can access VPS Cloud Compute from the product list on, or by logging into your control panel and selecting VPS Cloud Compute. New users will need to create a region in one of the available locations, and each region comes with a default project to easily manage your resource capacity and network. A default project has a start limit of 10 instances, 20 vCPUs, 50GB of memory and 500GB of block storage. If you need to change the default project capacity at any point, or if you need technical support, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert support staff. See Support for more information.

What does VPS do to ensure uptime?

Downtime is the enemy of any online service, since customers will quickly migrate elsewhere, and are unlikely to return any time soon. We take the following steps to maximize uptime:

  • We have professional on‐site staff monitoring every data center, each of which is rigorously checked both prior to opening and throughout its operating lifespan.
  • We use digital video surveillance and military security to ensure these discreet data centers are protected against unwanted physical intrusion.
  • We employ the very latest industry hardware to prevent cyber‐intrusion, resisting DDoS assaults and zero‐day malware attacks.
  • We have in‐house power systems capable of powering our data centers for 72 hours without any external electricity – keeping the lights on even if the wider region is in darkness.
  • Our centers are interconnected to eliminate single points of failure. If one momentarily goes offline, other centers can comfortably absorb its traffic and continue providing a seamless UX.
  • We use enterprise‐grade disk storage devices, configured in a RAID 10 SAN with full redundancy and Active‐Active controllers.

As a result of these steps and other processes put in place, VPS.NET data centers meet the rigorous industry Tier 3 classification. This also obliges us to offer 99.9% uptime guarantees, which we support with a 10x credit scheme, refunding ten times the prorated rental for any affected services. Should you experience any unforeseen issues, we have in‐house experts available at any time of day or year, while our Monitoring & Configuration package includes a 15‐minute response SLA.


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