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Cloud Hosting Innovation

Launched in 2009 as part of the UK2Group, VPS.NET is a leading cloud services provider, offering cloud hosting to over 10,000 clients, in more than 180 different countries. Since its inception in 2009, VPS.NET has continued to push the market forward, bringing forth numerous innovations to the industry, like rebootless resource upgrades, and allowing for clients to choose from 18 different datacenters to host their site.

Founded in 1998, the UK2Group has humble beginnings starting in London, England. The company began as a domain registrar, with just a few employees working together to change the industry. Focused around industry innovation and customer service, the company expanded quickly, acquiring customers and competitors at a rapid rate. Today UK2Group provides services for over 1,000,000 customers, across it's 14 brands.

Our People

The team behind VPS.NET can be described as a unique bunch: with offices in Logan, Utah, London, England, Kochin, India, and L'viv, Ukraine, our offices span the globe, allowing for a truly global presence. Together more than 100 smiling faces step into our 4 offices each day, possessing a work ethic our clients can truly appreciate.

Fun Facts about Our Employees

  • Over 90% of our staff in Utah have been enrolled in a Computer Science, Information System, or CISCO certification course.
  • Our marketing department shoots an astounding 85% from the free throw line, easily beating our L1 team's average of a just 45%.
  • 60% of our team in L'viv has gone sky diving for fun, officially classifying them as adrenaline junkies.
  • 85% of our male staff has some sort of facial hair; the other 15% are unable to grow any.

The Team

The VPS.NET management team consists of members with a wide array of talent sets, from around the world. Together, the team focuses on customer service, and product development, aimed at improving client experience.


Press & Media

Our Press and Media Center contains all of the latest information and news coming from VPS.NET. From press releases, blog posts, and our insightful monthly webinars, you'll be able to find any information you need.


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