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Have questions about VPS.NET? I'm here to help 24/7.


Rapid response & pro-active management

Our service is so much more than 24x7 support. Whatever your Cloud and VPS hosting needs, from simple advice through to fully managed service, we’re with you every step of the way.


Support Features

Assisted Start-up: We Can Do it For You

Web hosting can be tough, especially in the beginning. Whether you’re setting up a new server or moving from an existing provider, simply answer a few questions & we can get your server up and running and data migrated in no time at all.

24x7 Support: Helping Hands

Have a question at three o’clock in the morning? No problem. Our expert 24x7x365 support team has you covered. Whether you have a problem to solve or simply need some advice, we’re here to help by email, chat and phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Enhanced Support

Enhanced Support: Premium Re-active Support

Enhanced Support comes as standard with Cloud VPS and as an option with SSD-VPS. It includes Assisted Start-up and priority response times from our support team.

As well as priority 24x7 support, our team is here to help you install software, configure security and get the best from your server.


Ultimate Support: Pro-active Managed Support

Available as an option to cloud server customers running CentOS, with Proactive Managed Support we’ll configure, monitor, update and proactively manage your server. So, if there’s an issue at 3am, you don’t need to worry, we’ll have it covered. Expertly trained support staff will configure and manage your cloud server for optimum performance and security.

Assisted Start-up



OS Supported All Linux
Platforms supported Cloud & SSD
Configure Server
System update
Configure Security
Install software
Migrate Data
Domain & DNS migration
1 month priority response 30/60
Price for Cloud Servers Free
Price for SSD-VPS Servers $25

Support Packages





Platforms supported SSD-VPS Cloud & SSD-VPS Cloud only
Bundled software cPanel, rSync
Assisted Start-up $25 option
Monitoring Standard Standard Ultimate
Ongoing security Monitoring
Alert notifications to our team
Response to issues Reactive Reactive Proactive
Priority response times 30/60 15/45
Install software upgrades & patches on request advised & on request
Backup & restore $ option $ option
Enhanced SLA (timer starts) When outage is reported When outage is reported When outage occurs
Direct access to 3rd Line experts
Price for Cloud-VPS per server n/a Free $69 / month
Price for SSD-VPS per server Free $25 / month n/a

Standard Monitoring

As standard, we monitor our services at an infrastructure level. This includes:

Ultimate Support: Monitoring, Reporting & Start-up

Ultimate Support is a pro-active support service. We monitor and pro-actively respond to issues relating to the following service elements:

  • Server availability
  • Server performance
  • Database availability
  • Packet loss
  • Email ports
  • Resource usage (memory, swap files, temp folders, processes, zombies etc)
  • Automated periodic security scan

Assisted Start-up for Ultimate Support includes the following monitoring & checks to assist in pro-active management & reporting for your server.

  • System Load - To check the server isn’t overloaded
  • File System - To check there is space to write files to the filesystem
  • HTTP - Make sure that the website will work
  • Memory - To check free system memory
  • MySQL - To check MySQL (the database) is running
  • PING - To check for packet loss
  • POP - Port 110 to check that customers can pickup email
  • SMTP - Port 25 to make sure customers can send email
  • SSH - To check that customers can access their server on the command line
  • Swap Usage - To check that virtual memory isn’t overloaded
  • TMP folder - To check there is temporary space the system can access
  • Total Processes - To make sure not to many programs are running
  • Zombies - To check there are no zombie (dead) processes

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