3 Ways VPS Helps Your Ecommerce Business Grow

3 Ways VPS Helps Your Ecommerce Business Grow

Like any entrepreneur in the digital landscape, you will likely be seeking out any advantages you can find to boost your business. The world of ecommerce is competitive and the stakes are always changing. Knowing that you need to keep your business on the cutting edge of technology is important, but understanding how to do that can often cause some head scratching.

Web hosting forms the foundation of your ecommerce store and supports your business in more ways than you may realize. Elements like resource usage, storage capabilities and latency can affect your bottom line if not given a top spot in your priority list. Shared hosting, a popular option for budding websites, is a great start. However, if your business is approaching the early stages of growth, you may want to broaden your horizons.

Virtual Private Servers Grow With Your Business

Many small businesses notice that they are running short of the elements they need to keep business booming. Website visitors don’t have a lot of patience when cruising around the web, so ensuring that you have maximum speed and optimization can make or break any sale. Virtual Private Servers, or VPS, can guarantee the speed, power, and redundancy you need to push your business to the next level.

Don’t let shared hosting slow you down. See the top three reasons VPS promotes growth below:

#1. No limits

According to Digital Tomorrow:Today in a survey of 1,000 digital shoppers, website usability and functionality was the most important aspect of purchasing goods and services online. The second highest element was website speed. This survey shows that ecommerce websites must be built for speed and functionality to be competitive in the marketplace.

When a website is hosted by a shared hosting package, resources are shared between a server full of websites. This means that a noisy neighbor could keep you from sales by hogging bandwidth and slowing down your site. By making the switch to VPS hosting, you are ensuring that your resources are just that, yours. Day or night, you will have the speed and bandwidth necessary to impress your website visitors.  

#2. Room to grow.

VPS hosting lets you scale your packages in minutes. This flexibility allows you to boost your resources at any time. Planning on a big sale? What about a Black Friday event? No problem! Simply log in and boost your package for an hour, week or month. When you are finished with the additional resources, simply scale your account back down. VPS hosting means that you have the power to choose, and you only pay for what you need.

#3. Power to choose.

VPS hosting also puts the control in your hands. Rather than being subjected to the mistakes of the other people on your shared server (e.g. DDoS attacks, blacklists, security mishaps), you have complete control over your data. VPS hosting gives you root access to your account, which allows you to install what you need when you need it. Have an update that needs a restart? No problem. You have control over your hosting environment.

A VPS entails a certain amount of technical knowledge that might make some business owners nervous. If you consider yourself to be a tech newbie, you may want to look into our managed hosting packages. You have all the benefits of a VPS while we handle all the technical elements of your server.

Whichever you choose, make sure that you aren’t limiting your potential. VPS lets your business grow unrestrained and leaves you free to worry about the more important aspects of your business.

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