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cPanel Update: How Your Cloud Hosting Bill May Change

by Kelly Kirkham

cPanel recently announced major changes in its pricing structure on June 27, 2019, that may affect your cloud hosting account.  The web hosting industry collectively gasped after cPanel announced its plans to restructure its pricing models. Providers and users took to social media and hosting forums to express emotions that ranged from blunt outrage to…

How Does A Cloud VPS Work?

by Chris Pinnock

When choosing a new product or service, it’s important to have an understanding of how it works before deciding for sure if it will meet your needs. Hosting is no different. It is vital that you have a basic understanding of how the various technologies work to ensure that you make the right choice. In…

What Is Cloud Hosting?

by Chris Pinnock

The cloud has been one of the biggest developments in online services in recent years, so much so that it has possibly become somewhat overused by marketing departments as a buzzword to gain interest. The cloud, as the meme says, is simply someone else’s computer. However, the reality, in general, is somewhat more complex than…

Use Our Cloud Site Platform To Help Your Business Grow

by Kelly Kirkham

If you are operating a small- to medium-size business, you may be unsure as to the best choice for your web hosting needs. Researching hosting solutions can be a long and confusing road, and can leave you with a lot of ‘what ifs?’. To help your business grow and keep cloud sites simple, we have…

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How Cloud VPS Can Benefit Your Business

by Kelly Kirkham

Whether you operating a small startup or a medium-to-large enterprise, virtual private servers (VPS) can boost your performance, and in turn your company. So if you are seriously considering making the switch from shared or looking to add flexibility to your dedicated server hosting, the top benefits below will help cement your decision. You will…

Design The Best VPS

by Kelly Kirkham

When looking to choose the best VPS, or virtual private server, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. In this post we will identify the decisions you will need to make, show how to be sure that whichever option you choose, and ensure you have all the information you need to pick the…

Monitoring Your Debian Or Ubuntu Server With Munin

by Chris Pinnock

Monitoring your server’s performance and activity is one of the duller aspects of running a server, and often something that is overlooked until there is a problem. Fortunately, there are many tools that can be used to monitor your server’s resources with differing levels of complexity and difficulty to configure. One of the simpler tools…

Server Configuration Management Plan

by Chris Pinnock

A new server is a blank slate, a basic operating system waiting to be configured, secured and put into service. While every server is different and may require the installation of different software packages, there are some common tasks that apply to all servers, regardless of operating system or purpose.   Here we present our…

Exploring Offline Storage

by Neil Cumins

Should you be storing your data offline or up in the cloud?

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