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The History of Cloud VPS

by Hayden Smith

The cloud. Over the past decade you would have have struggled to miss the cloud being pushed in the advertising for many IT companies. If you’ve seen a lot of these advertisements you’d be forgiven if you are a bit confused by what the exact definition of the cloud is. This is partly due to…

Server Configuration Management Plan

by Hayden Smith

A new server is a blank slate, a basic operating system waiting to be configured, secured and put into service. While every server is different and may require the installation of different software packages, there are some common tasks that apply to all servers, regardless of operating system or purpose.   Here we present our…

What is Threading?

by Hayden Smith

As with a number of things, threading has a number of meanings depending on how it is used when referencing computing. In this case threading can mean something slightly different when referencing software vs hardware. In software a thread is generally termed to be a sequence of instructions that can be scheduled for a processor…

What Is the Process of Virtualization?

by Hayden Smith

The introduction of virtualization has lead to a revolution in computing in the previous decade. This has lead to the ability to allow a single computer to run multiple virtual computers simultaneously, meaning that as hardware increases in performance a single computer can now replace many others. So let’s look at how this works. Virtualization…

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