5 Plugins To Boost Website Engagement

Writing brilliant content, designing beautiful images, and creating streamlined customer journeys is not enough on their own to boost website engagement. You need users who will stay engaged with your website after their first visit and become return visitors to really capture the interest you are striving for.
Luckily for WordPress users, there are hundreds of tools available to boost user engagement. WordPress tools, called plugins, are created by development wizards to make your life easier. Today we have created a list of plugins that will increase user engagement. Increasing engagement will, in turn, boost your SEO value and make your website visitors happy.  

See our top WordPress plugins for increasing user engagement below:


Turn website browsers into website followers with this easy tool. OptinMonster can be used to create an opportunity for website visitors to sign up for newsletters, notifications, and lead generating options. Many website browsers are clicking through sites and will not return once they have found the information they are looking for. OptinMonster helps you take advantage of this encounter and turn browsers into loyal visitors.

Envira Gallery

63% of online businesses use video to keep website visitors engaged with their website. Studies have shown that video viewers retain 80% more content than through text alone. Envira Gallery is a tool that helps you support YouTube videos to keep website visitors interested. However, make sure that videos are not set to autoplay. Videos that start playing when a visitor enters a site will almost always guarantee latency and page abandonment.

Atomic Engager

Optimize content for your readers with help from Atomic Reach. This plugin helps you score the content you create for your website before you ever press Publish. The tool will create metrics for you to utilize to ensure that you are reaching the benchmarks set for amazing, engaging content. Increase SEO and keep website visitors interested in your blog, website, and marketing content.


Jetpack offers simple, user-friendly tools to increase social sharing. Schedule social media posts ahead of time and include sharing buttons and to help your masterpiece website become more visible to the world. If you happen to be managing an ecommerce store, Jetpack can help you increase sales with easy payment portals, boosted security, and real-time alerts should there be a problem with your online shop.   


This helpful plugin is great for blogs that are regularly updated. LinkWithin adds a simple slider to your page that offers recommendations about similar posts in on the same website. Great for evergreen content and increasing the marketability of past content, LinkWithin helps your blog appear to be a vast library of information. Think of it as the “You might also like…” of blogging websites. Add this tool to keep website visitors clicking through your amazing content.

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