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How to Manage Services With Systemd

by Hayden Smith

In the last few years, most Linux distributions have changed the way they start up. Previously, the UNIX style sysvinit ruled the roost aside from some outliers, such as Ubuntu which made use of Upstart for their operating systems. Recently, many Linux distributions have moved over to the new systemd process for managing the system…

How to Mirror a Filesystem between Servers with DRBD On Debian or Ubuntu

by Hayden Smith

Something that is often overlooked is just how important your server deployment may be to your business. The harsh truth is that downtime can be expensive as visitors to your site may simply skip over your non-responsive website to buy elsewhere. While a good backup strategy may defend you from data loss and enable you to…

How to Create Your Own Private Cloud with Nextcloud on Debian or Ubuntu

by Hayden Smith

The cloud is one of the more prominent IT buzzwords of recent times. While it can have a number of meanings based on who is selling you a cloud solution, one of the main ones is referencing the use of resources on a remote computer. A number of companies offer similar cloud tools incorporating storage, file synchronization,…

A History Of Linux

by Neil Cumins

How Linux went from being a programmer’s plaything to a worldwide operating system.

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