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What Is SPF – And Why It Is Essential If Your Server Handles Email

by Hayden Smith

One of the biggest issues with email has always been how vulnerable it is to spoofing, with the mail client and server trusting the input given by the user for identification of the sender. Spammers often abused this to send email giving the impression that it came from a reputable source. A solution was needed…

A Road Warrior’s Companion – A Linux Remote Desktop: Part 2

by Hayden Smith

In the last part of this series on using a VPS as a road warrior’s companion, we looked at getting a lightweight Linux desktop running on your VPS, allowing you to remotely access and use desktop tools while out and about on a mobile device. One of the big failings with the current setup of…

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A Road Warrior’s Companion: Part 8 – A Linux Remote Desktop

by Hayden Smith

One of the most challenging things about working remotely is that now and again you have a program that lacks a mobile compatible counterpart that you find essential to work with. This will generally lead to the necessity of carrying a laptop around with you everywhere so that you can access that software. Fortunately, most…

A Road Warrior’s Companion – Nextcloud II

by Hayden Smith

Previously in this series we’ve looked at configuring a VPS to act as VPN server to keep your internet connection secure when working on untrusted internet connections. Last time, we started configuring Nextcloud on the VPS to perform the task of file, contact and calendar synchronization between your devices. Configuring Nextcloud When we finished up…

Nextcloud Part 1

by Hayden Smith

One of the most irritating things about working remotely is having to lug a laptop round with you. These days, however, with a modern smartphone or tablet having similar processing power to a low-end computer there’s no reason why work can’t also get done on these devices.  Unfortunately, with most of these mobile devices, storage…

Road Warrior OpenVPN Part 4

by Hayden Smith

Over the course of this series so far we’ve been looking at configuring the OpenVPN server on your VPS in order to allow you to secure your internet connection when working with wifi hotspots in locations such as restaurants, cafes, and hotels. So far we have configured the OpenVPN server and created the configuration to…

Road Warrior OpenVPN Part 3

by Hayden Smith

In our previous articles in this series, we’ve looked at configuring OpenVPN on your VPS in order to provide a method to protect your internet connection when using wifi hotspots for internet access. Last time we got the OpenVPN server up and running, and this time we’ll look at getting the configuration done for client certificates…

How to Choose a Specification for Your VPS Part 2

by Hayden Smith

Previously we’ve looked at how to choose the specifications you need for building a VPS to meet your needs. Last time we covered what the specifications do and how to go about working out how much storage is required. This time we’ll look at memory and CPU. Memory Usage Memory is used by programs as…

Understanding Linux File Permissions

by Hayden Smith

One of the core aspects of the Linux filesystems is the notion of file permissions. These permissions are used to decide what a particular user is able to do with a file or directory. While the method of working is quite simple, it can be confusing at first to understand. Users Let’s start with users….

How To Choose A Specification For Your VPS: Part 1

by Hayden Smith

One of the biggest challenges when getting started with a VPS, or any server for that matter, is ensuring that you’ve chosen a suitable specification of server for your requirements. This is even more difficult the very first time you get one as you have no previous references to help you. Here we are going…

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